Fresh from the tap, a logo for King Street Dispensary.

Expanding on our already large restaurant portfolio, HOOK recently wrapped up a new logo for King Street Dispensary, a new gastropub & bourbon bar in downtown Charleston. Along with the logo, we cooked up menu designs, a website and some merchandise designs for this tasty new hot spot.

Burger King burns McDonald’s executives.

In a new series of print ads, Burger King points out grills found on the properties of McDonald’s executives. A subtle “flame grilling is hard to resist” above each grill reminds people Burger King grills their burgers over flames rather than a flat grill. You can see the rest of the print ads here.

Study shows Ritz-Carlton’s Instagram influencers have the most fake followers.

A recent study by Points North Group highlighted the huge amount of fake followers among Instagram influencers being paid by big brands. Ritz-Carlton topped the list with a staggering 78% of their influencer followers being fake. Other brands running big influencer campaigns with large amounts of fake followers include Pampers, Crocs, Neiman Marcus and Olay. Points North Group also identified which brands spend the most on influencer marketing and which brands were most efficient with their spend. See all the results here.

Amazon’s latest way to get packages to you – put them in your car.

If your car is equipped with On-Star, you’ll soon be able to buy something on Amazon and have it delivered to your car. No more worrying about a package being left on your porch. If you’re heading out of town on a road trip, no need to swing by the house to grab that new tent your ordered on Amazon because they’ll bring it to your car. How many people will have enough trust in Amazon to use this service remains to be seen. But, this service is a pretty under the radar pitch to buy a GM car, at least until Amazon pairs up with other brands.