Fresh Work. For the birds, and new residents at the Gadsden.

Here’s a peek at some custom birdhouses designed for the Gadsden, a luxury condominium project in downtown Charleston. The bird houses provide a friendly reminder that the residences at the Gadsden overlook Gadsdenboro Park. The houses will be used as gifts during hard had tours and other Gadsden events.

KFC rearranges their name in fun apology ad.

If you haven’t heard, a snafu with KFC and DHL caused the fast food chain to run out of chicken in their U.K. stores. Many KFC stores were forced to close, others had to limit hours and menu options. As you can imagine, KFC fans took to social media, blasting the chicken chain for running out of chicken.

KFC responded with a hilarious full-page print ad, apologizing for the screw up. Additionally, they added a map with real–time updates showing which stores had chicken. U.K. residents can download the KFC app to receive an apology discount on their next trip to KFC. You can read more about the chicken crisis on Adweek.

This Lotto New Zealand spot is money.

This lottery spot is a great example storytelling. Two armored car employees talk about what they’d do if they won the lottery when suddenly the driver goes off route, telling his co-worker, “This is what we’ve been dreaming of.” The passenger is terrified, thinking he’s going to jail. Then the driver pulls out a winning lotto ticket they’ll split 50-50. The spot goes from fun and playful to suspenseful to joyous in a two minute span. It’s a great ride. DDB New Zealand created the ad.

That new car smell and working LED screens in a print ad.

Toyota surprised readers of InStyle magazine with fun pop-up ad. Along with the scent of new leather, the 3-D ad included sensors on the door handles. When readers put their thumbs on the door handles, an LCD screen on the dashboard lights up, showing and playing the reader’s heartbeat. The ad was created by Saatchi & Saatchi and was placed in 50,000 subscription copies of InStyle. You can see a making of video here.