Snow kidding. Five inches of snow in Charleston.

Yesterday Charleston was blanketed with the third largest snowfall ever. Just over five inches covered the Holy City and froze the famous Pineapple Fountain. The photo above, courtesy of Brennan Wesley, is looking down Upper King Street, just above the HOOK office. For a city that hasn’t seen snow covered ground since 1989, it was a beautiful sight. A big blank canvas ready to welcome a slew of big ideas for 2018. Check out some additional snow pics via The Post & Courier.

What’s the next big thing at CES 2018?

Next week the Consumer Electronics Show kicks off in Los Vegas and this year the electronics are big and have four wheels. Looks for lots of electric car concepts from all of the big automakers. And as always, you can count on seeing thinner and smarter televisions. This year a whopping 63,000 square feet of exhibit space has been carved out for health and fitness brands to showcase everything from smart underwear to gluten sensors. Also be on the lookout for more advanced wireless charging gadgetry, some of which can charge your phone from three feet away. Learn more about what’s buzzing at CES on The Verge.

The day California legalizes marijuana, an ad campaign appears.

MadMen, one of the larger cannabis dispensaries in California celebrated the legalization of marijuana by launching an outdoor ad campaign on the famed Whisky a Go Go, which seems like a perfect match. While weed brands are free to promote themselves, finding media that will accept their ads has been a bit of a challenge. To help change that, brands like MadMen are working to change the perception around marijuana by highlighting the many uses.

Will you get out of your comfort zone in 2018?

Looking for a little creative spark for the New Year? Have a peek at the HOOK rules page of our website where we ask some questions that make you think. We all know how easy it is to fall into a routine or take the easy route home because it works fine. Sometimes you have to stick your neck out and try something new and different in business. Sometimes what you think you need may not be the case at all. Check out our rules and if you’d like to talk to us about an idea you’re toying with, by all means give us a ring.