Leave it to IKEA to roll out an ad that doubles as a pregnancy test.

IKEA unveiled a new print ad that rewards pregnant folks with a discount on a new crib. A portion of the ad is coated with the same materials used on pregnancy test kits. It’s a clever idea although we’re not so sure how much the folks working at IKEA stores are going to like being handed this coupon. The ad was created by Swedish agency Akestam Holst.

In a world of online shopping, video is key to closing the sale.

If you’re like many shoppers, you’ve spent hours pouring over reviews before pulling the trigger on a purchase. While shoppers love reviews, honest reviews, they also want video to help them better see how a product looks and works. More and more “Take me shopping” videos and “First drive” videos are popping up on YouTube. If anything can jump start the world of virtual reality, it’ll be big brands looking to better the odds of selling their products. Learn more about how video is shaping the sales cycle at Think With Google.

Fresh Work: New website for the Gadsden.

Today we launched a fresh website for the Gadsden, a new luxury condominium in downtown Charleston. The centerpiece of the site is a new video that gives potential buyers a taste of what life would be like as a resident of Gadsden. Thanks to the crew at Lawton Miles for the help bringing the video to life. Check out the video and Gadsden website here.

Word of the day: voxel.

What’s a voxel you ask? A voxel is a unit of graphic information that defines a point in 3-D space. Think of a voxel as the 3-D equivalent of a pixel. As we hear more about virtual reality and 3-D renderings, expect to hear this term used more and more, especially during CES. Now that you know what a voxel is, be the first to toss it out in your next meeting.