Good Samaritan Day surprise from the King.

Burger King celebrated Good Samaritan Day, March 13th, by staging a broken down car on the side of a road. Smoke and flames were coming out from under the hood of the car. When drivers pulled over to help, they discovered the smoke and flames were from a grill built into the engine compartment. Next thing the good samaritans saw was the King stepping out of the car, treating them to a flame broiled burger.

UMBC’s Twitter account was a slam dunk.

UMBC made history over the weekend, becoming the first 16 seed to take down a number 1 seed in the NCAA Tournament. As the game rolled on and it looked like the Retrievers could pull off the win, people naturally took to Twitter to share and read reactions. Zach Seidel, director of multimedia communications for UMBC was manning the team’s Twitter account, talking smack and feeding frenzied fans one zinger after another. During the game, the UMBC Athletics Twitter account went from 5,400 followers to over 80,000 – and Zach has been interviewed by the New York Times. Not bad for a guy who found out he was going to run the team’s Twitter account the day before the Virginia game. His sharp wit and just the right amount of attitude had Retriever fans howling. You can read some of the many UMBC Tweets here.

Vertical video viewing – blame it on Snapchat.

Most would agree movies look best on a wide screen, but when it comes to watching videos on phones, not everyone is buying it. In fact, 72 percent of millennials hold their phones vertically when watching videos. You can thank Snapchat for that. There are 178 million Snapchat users taking and viewing vertical videos. Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are following suit with vertically friendly video placements. Fans of vertical videos now have their own film festival – Vertical Cinema. Meanwhile, our televisions get bigger and wider. The question is, who will break first?

Dos Equis shows many interesting men in new campaign.

Why have one most interesting man when you can have many. In a new spot from Droga5, Dos Equis weaves together a string of vignettes showing the many interesting Dos Equis drinkers throughout time. The spot has the quirkiness of the original most interesting man and why not give credit to Lou Ferrigno for founding Dos Equis.