McDonald’s flips their Golden Arches for International Women’s Day.

Today is International Women’s Day. As you would expect, brands are all over it, but one that really stood out was McDonald’s. One of their franchises in California actually had their big sign flipped upside down to start things off for McD’s. All of the fast food brand’s social media and digital media have been modified for the day and over 100 locations have special employee uniforms and giveaways. Such a smart, simple way to celebrate a special day.

Oh, and McDonald’s did this too.

McDonald’s restaurants in Canada are using snippets of the Golden Arches in a directional billboard campaign. Those Golden Arches are so recognizable, even a section of one can be used to point people in the right direction. This clever idea can be seen on billboards in and around Toronto, but could soon be seen around the world. Hats off to Cossette for this idea.

More fun with famous logos.

The Lacoste Alligator icon is well-known throughout the world. Last week the fashion brand replaced their icon with turtles, rhinos, lemurs and other endangered species. As part of the “Save Our Species” campaign, a limited number of Lacoste polo shirts have been made and the number of shirts made corresponds with how many of each animal is left in the world. Another nice way to do something fun with a logo.