Fresh work. A tasty little direct mailer.

Here’s a look at the latest piece in a direct mail campaign for the Gadsden, a luxury condominium development in Charleston. Mailed to real estate agents, this mini box includes a thank you card with inventory updates and a collection of Hershey Kisses. The six part campaign is meant to keep the Gadsden top of mind with agents, while keeping them in the loop on construction developments. We’ll show you the more pieces in the campaign as they’re released.

They have the meat. Now they have a font.

One thing that people liked about Arby’s social media posts was the font, which was designed to look like it’s made from Arby’s sauce. So Arby’s made their Saucy AF available as a free download. In case you’re wondering, the AF stands for Arby’s Font.

It’s not just big ticket items consumers research to death before buying.

Would you believe searches for “best salt” have increased 375% in the past two years? It’s true. People want to be informed about what they’re buying, regardless how small that item is. Sheets and pillow cases, bras, toothpaste and swimwear are just a few of the other items that have seen searches rise. Two of the top search terms connected to these categories are “best” and “reviews,” which isn’t a total surprise. Lesson here is to spend time writing and designing those product pages and whatever it is you’re using to drive traffic to those pages because you’re under a search query microscope. See what other searches are climbing here.

Let Google Assistant handle your phone calls.

Google Assistant is great at making phone calls. Little nuances and pauses makes the calls amazingly real. What’s even more remarkable is Google’s ability to understand what’s being said and how to react when a call different than expected. It’s pretty slick and we know it’s just the beginning of what Google Assistant will be able to do.