Be willing to be sought out and remembered. You may think that your ads need to hammer your key selling points into the ground. We tend to think messages should be kept simple, concise and delivered in a fun, engaging manner. Huge phone numbers, giant logo are not what make people remember you. Being different and relevant will. Just ask the guy with the Mohawk.


Be willing to speak the language of your customer. Sometimes you have to do what feels completely unnatural to keep your message on track. That means speaking the lingo of your customers, even if you don’t understand it. People can smell a phony a mile away. So when you hit that first turn, go against your instincts and you’ll hang with the pack.


Be willing to break from the herd. It’s comforting in a group, but it’s also hard to stand out. Sometimes you need to scream when everyone else is quiet. You have to show up in a powder blue suit. Orthodox creates the unorthodox.


Be willing to bite your tongue till the timing is right.You love the sound of your own voice. You can’t force people to listen to you. Sometimes there are competing factors in the media that make it tough to be heard. A major hurricane, for example, is going to trump your message, unless it’s relevant to weather. In that instance, it’s best to sit tight and wait to speak your mind.


Be one hundred percent committed to your brand. We love working with marketing folks that truly believe in their brand. (Yes, there are some out there who don’t.) People so proud of the brand they represent, they’re willing to have it tattooed on their arm. You need to drink the Kool-Aid, too.


When a big idea appears before you, seize it. Pouncing on opportunities can be a smart, effective way to grab attention and in some cases, be even more relevant to your target. You may need to be a bit of a daredevil to work with us. So make sure that chinstrap is nice and tight.

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